About Us

Welcome to Hello! Language Coaches, a language coaching company based in Japan. Our awesome team of language teachers is here to help you become super confident and fluent in any language.

We make learning fun and easy by personalizing our lessons to fit exactly what you need and want to learn. Whether you want to chat like a pro or ace a language test, we've got your back every step of the way.

Ready to become a language superstar? Our expert coaches use smart methods that are based on science and lots of experience. It's like having a personal trainer for your brain! We'll make a special Study Plan just for you, so you can learn super fast. Think of it like doing exercises, but for your brain! Start your amazing language journey with us today!

Our Method


Listening is the most important for learning a language. Before you can speak well, you need to understand what others are saying. That's why we focus most of our time on getting better at listening in our learning plans.

Whether you're listening for 1 hour or 12 hours, we want you to listen as much as you can. We find fun things like music, audiobooks, podcasts, or shows that you like to help you practice outside of meetings.

We also have special lessons just for listening. These lessons are designed to help you get even better at hearing the language correctly!


Scientists today mostly agree that watching TV, videos, or movies in a language you're learning is really helpful. Even if you only understand a little bit, like 10%, it can still make a big difference.

That's why we suggest our members watch shows they like in the language they're learning. First, watching with subtitles in that language. Then watching without any subtitles at all.

We keep track of how much time you spend watching and how much you're learning through weekly check-ups. This way, you can be sure you're watching enough to reach your goals in the time you want, while balancing your work and social life.


Reading helps us sort out the language in our heads, making it easier to use when we have to. Our program has special reading lessons to boost your critical thinking in another language.

We read real stuff written by native speakers, like news or parts of books, to understand both the culture and the language better.

Our program is all about learning in real situations. We start with letters in words, then words in sentences, then sentences by reading books, watching TV shows, or listening to songs!


In our coaching program, we use speaking to make sure we really understand what we've learned in real life.

Instead of just repeating stuff from a book or doing speaking exercises, we have lessons that help you speak naturally and easily.

We believe being fluent means being able to talk naturally and spontaneously in many different situations, not just speaking fast or using big words.